Stage linguistici


Full immersion? No, it's not. But if you want to start with something soft, a two-week stay in an English-speaking country with some other students you know and  teachers of your own school leading the group, this is what you are looking for.

You'll have the opportunity to practise your English, learn new words and expressions, compare native speakers' pronunciation with yours (... !!!), to get to know local habits, culture and see different landscapes.

Besides, you'll learn to be a bit more independent, responsible and how important it is, especially in a foreign country, to stick to the rules.

It can be an experience that can prepare you for a longer and more demanding 'adventure' of a full immersion, or just a way to put your abilities to the test, both in the use of the foreign language and in "how to survive abroad" ...   



And now watch this: "OXFORD: study-holiday", September 2012

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2. Progetto "Stage Linguistici"
3. Programma base delle due settimane
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5. Info utili per il soggiorno
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7. Useful vocabulary
Lara e Mirko parlano della loro esperienza
Stage Linguistici